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Getting Started

When you first receive your Glowdoggie™ LED collar, the first thing you’ll notice is that the LED lights aren’t glowing. This is because we’ve added a small plastic cap inside the battery assembly to keep the lights off during shipping. Removing the cap is simple, just follow the instructions or watch the videos below. (For the Mini, see the guide sheet included with the product).

Activating Glowdoggie Classic+ and Ultra range.

Activating the Glowdoggie Classic+ or Ultra

(both with the new AAA battery pack).


Your Glowdoggie™ contains patented chip technology that automatically turns the LEDs ON when the battery pack is facing down or sideways, and OFF when the batteries are facing upwards. When placing the Glowdoggie™ on your dog, always make sure the battery pack is facing the ground, positioned beneath your dog’s chin.

When not in use, rest your Glowdoggie™ securely against the wall or on a hook with the battery facing upwards. The LEDs will automatically shut off after about 45secs, and remain off until the position is moved again.

How to turn Glowdoggie ON
How to turn Glowdoggie OFF


Changing batteries on the Glowdoggie™ Classic+ and Ultra

Best viewed fullscreen on Youtube


Your Glowdoggie™ is a quality German-engineered product and with proper minimal care should last for multiple years. It’s not a toy, however, so please make sure puppies, playful dogs or children don’t get their hands (or teeth) on it.

Never leave one or more dogs unattended with the collar around their necks. As with any collar, there is a risk of suffocation if the collar gets caught on a stump or fence and the collar does not pop open (which is most likely to happen, if it was to get caught or snagged). But as a precaution, keep an eye on your dog!

The Glowdoggie™ is not a collar in the traditional sense, and is not intended to be used as such. Never attach a leash to the Glowdoggie™ or restrain your dog via the product.

Always check your Glowdoggie for damage, particularly around the battery section, before placing it on your dog. If you notice any damage, either to the battery section or LED tubing, please contact us before using it on your dog. We can then access if a replacement part will solve the issue or if the Glowdoggie needs to be replaced.

Special note for the Glowdoggie Ultra when used with rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries, if damaged, could theoretically short circuit, leading to a heat surge within the battery unit. While this is extremely unlikely to occur, always make sure to check the battery unit and the Glowdoggie itself for any damage, particularly if your dog has been playing roughly with another dog, and you think the other dog may have bitten the unit. If you see any damage, deactivate the unit (detaching the battery pack) and do not place the Glowdoggie Ultra back on the dog. Only use brand name, quality rechargeable AAA batteries such as Duracell or Energizer.

If your Glowdoggie™ gets dirty, simply wipe it off with a slightly damp microfibre cloth - you can even run it under the tap and then dry it off with a towel.  

Always make sure the silicone sleeves are in the correct position, centered over the two connecting points of the ring. This will ensure that water and moisture stays out of the ring. Failure to have placed the silicone sleeves in the proper position will void warranty claims should moisture enter the product. Before rolling down the silicone sleeves, make sure your hands are completely dry and oil-free (no hand-cream, etc). The easiest way to roll them is with a swift top-down movement.

Store your Glowdoggie™ LED collar at room temperature, particularly in winter. Do not try to open the collar or change the batteries if the plastic is noticeably hard due to freezing temperatures. Wait until you get back inside and the plastic has a few minutes to “soften up”.

If you experience a rare flickering of the LEDs, or if your Glowdoggie takes unusually long to light up, you likely have a minor contact issue in the battery section. This is a simple fix and usually just requires a jiggle of the batteries with the end of a pen, or simply taking out the batteries and putting them back in again (see film below).

Electronic Contact Cleaner (one that is safe on plastics) helps keeps the connection working flawlessly over the years and makes removing the batteries very easy. We recommend Deoxit Gold from Craig Labs. ( that can be purchased in Canada at the following link: or in the US in most Radio Shack stores.

Tips for travelling:

To keep your Glowdoggie Classic LED collar off when traveling, simply roll down the silicone sleeve on one side of the collar and disconnect the battery section from the LED tube. If you have kept your battery cap, then place this over the spring and reconnect the two sections. If you do not have the battery cap, make sure to place the product inside a sealed bag, such as a Ziplock bag, to prevent moisture from gettting in or losing one of the batteries.

You can also use the sleeve pockets on the back of your car’s front seats to hold your Glowdoggie in the upwards position (and therefore turned OFF) or some people even hang them from the rear-view mirror.

On the new Glowdoggie Classic+ or Ultra models, you’ll just need to turn one of the AAA batteries around inside the AAA battery pack.


Glowdoggie™ LED lighted dog collars are covered by a limited 2 year warranty. Should material or electronic defects occur within this time, please let us know and your product will be repaired, replaced or refunded. The warranty will not cover any damage caused by neglect or improper use, or failure to ensure the silicone sleeves are properly over both connecting sections between the LED tube and the battery tube. It does not cover faulty or leaking batteries or damage caused by faulty battery replacement procedures (see our video below on changing them properly). The Glowdoggie™ is 100% waterproof, but within reasonable limits. Testing those limits in ways a dog wouldn’t will void the warranty coverage. Email us at with any questions or problems concerning your Glowdoggie™. Most problems can be easily fixed and we’re always happy to help.

DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES on any Glowdoggie, with the exception of the new Glowdoggie Ultra. Only use quality, brand name batteries at all times - don’t try to save with lower quality batteries from China. We will not guarantee the product with the use of Chinese batteries.


All Glowdoggie™ LED collars come with batteries included.

The Glowdoggie Classic (with N-sized batteries) should last for approximately 55-60 hours of continuous use. The Glowdoggie Classic+ with AAA batteries, approx. 100hours.

The Mini Glowdoggie uses AAAA batteries which should last for 50hours.

The all new Glowdoggie Ultra uses AAA batteries - and lasts for 20-25hours.

IF you choose to use rechargeable AAA batteries on the Glowdoggie Ultra, the shine time will be slightly less, at around 12hours.  So it’s good to carry a spare pair of AAAs in your pocket or just remember to recharge them after about 10hours, to be safe. Only use brand name rechargeables, as stated.

N-sized and AAAA batteries are available at electronic stores such as Radioshack or Best Buy.

Or online, such as at

AAA batteries are available everywhere, of course.

Please only buy quality batteries such as Duracell, Energizer or Rayovac/Varta.

You can also order extra batteries directly from us, when you purchase your Glowdoggie. Our prices are likely the cheapest you will find, anywhere, and exclusive to our customers.

Battery Placement AAA Classic+-Ultra

Correct battery placement on Glowdoggie Classic+ &

Ultra range. Note the direction of the batteries, with the positive(+) ends both running away from the label ring.

New Glowdoggie Easycharge Manual.

Please click here to download the manual and please read carefully.