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German-engineered LED dog collars

Darcy, wearing an 
19” Glowdoggie Ultra

Engineered in Germany.

Made for the dogs of North America.

Darcy, wearing an

19” Glowdoggie Ultra

It’s hard to think of a German-engineered product that doesn’t stand out in terms of technical refinement, excellence in design and outstanding quality. Well, the Glowdoggie™ LED collar is no different**. Constructed with only the very best German components, the Glowdoggie™ is a small feat of engineering genius with big safety benefits for you and your dog.

The Glowdoggie’s patented “all-in-the-tube” design means its has no external parts that can break off, no bulky battery packs, no manual switches that can accidentally be turned off or, even worse, let in moisture. The Glowdoggie™ is sealed tight, and is therefore the only LED lighted dog collar on the market today that is guaranteed, 100% waterproof. Your dogs can swim to their heart’s delight, roll around in the deepest of snow and the Glowdoggie’s LEDs will shine just as surely as during a casual stroll in the rain. It’s simply perfect for the varied and often extreme weather conditions found in Canada and the United States. Glowdoggie’s Superflux LEDs shine constantly - they do not flash, or blink, as many lower quality collars do to mask low battery life. Flashing collars have been proven to irritate other dogs and can trigger epileptic attacks in humans.

Glowdoggie™ LED collars are used regularly by German, Austrian and Swiss Search & Rescue K-9 units. It’s used by police canine units in Germany and has proven itself in the intense challenge of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race across Alaska. It’s also just been tested and approved for use by the Jefferson County Search Dog Association in Kentucky, USA.  

It has sold over 600,000 times in Germany in the last 4 years alone; and if you know Germans, you know they only part with their Euros for quality products that are built to last.

The Glowdoggie’s rugged, durable design is virtually indestructible. It comes with a full two year warranty, but it should last for many more years than that. The Superflux LEDs in the Glowdoggie™ have a lifespan of about 150,000 hours (roughly 17 years) and are of the same high quality as are found in many premium German cars such as Mercedes Benz and Audi. So when you purchase a Glowdoggie, it’s an investment in your dog’s safety for many years to come.

Glowdoggie™ lighted dog collars have a patented, built-in motion sensor that automatically turns on the LEDs when the battery section is facing downwards or sideways, and slowly turns them off when the batteries are held in a motionless, upwards position for over 45 seconds. It’s as simple yet as technically advanced as that. You just slide it on over the dog’s head and off you go.  (See the video below for a fun demonstration). The Glowdoggie’s electronics also make use of advanced power management technology, to guarantee efficient and effective use of the batteries for many months.

Glowdoggie™ LED collars open up completely new possibilities for dog owners at night. Take your dogs to the park and still see them for hundreds of meters. Let them off leash on your property and never fear losing sight of them.  Or walk them along city streets with confidence, knowing that traffic sees them, and therefore sees you too. We’ve even made our Glowdoggie label from highly reflective 3M material - making for an unbeatable combination, far superior to a reflective dog collar on its own.

More than just a safety product for dogs, the Glowdoggie is crucial in keeping safe the people who walk their dogs at night, in all conditions, in all seasons.

What makes the Glowdoggie™ LED collar so unique?

     ‣         German-engineered & German-made

     ‣         100% waterproof, not just water-resistant

     ‣         2 year warranty, though should last considerably longer

     ‣         K-9 Search & Rescue tested and approved

     ‣         Extremely robust, durable construction

     ‣         Patented, “all-in-the-tube” design.

     ‣         Superflux-LEDs with over 150,000 hours shine-life

     ‣         Superior visibility at night or in low-light situations

     ‣         Intelligent battery-management technology for long battery life  

     ‣         Automatically turns on&off thanks to patented motion sensor chip

     ‣         Perfect for North America’s often extreme weather conditions

     ‣         100% quality components

     ‣         Not made in China - not a novelty glow collar

     ‣         Does not flash or blink, as only low-quality LED collars do

**It’s important to note that the Glowdoggie is NOT A COLLAR in the traditional sense. It is to be used in addition to your dog’s existing collar or harness. Don’t tie a leash to the Glowdoggie or try to restrain your dog by holding on to it. It is not constructed to withstand such pulling force. This will not only void your warranty but possibly damage an otherwise thoroughly durable product.